Cell^R - Key Features

Cell^R Software    
Software of the realtime imaging system cell^R

The cell^R imaging software is an integral part of the cell^R imaging system. The system is a powerful all-embracing platform and provides tools for acquisition, documentation, processing and analysis of experimental data in live cell microscopy.  An intuitive and user-friendly graphical drag-and-drop interface, the Experiment Manager, allows easy set up and execution of even the most complex experiments in a convenient and concise way. A sophisticated structured database facilitates archiving and documentation of valuable results, while the imaging C module gives the user the freedom to customise applications and automated functions via scripting macros. 

Key Features:-

  • Integrated system solution
  • Graphical experiment set-up (Experiment Manager)
  • Real time image acquisition
  • µs-accurate timing
  • Control of MT20 highspeed lightsource
  • Multi-line TIRFM extension