Cell^F - Key Features

Multi-fluorescence and Imaging Software

cell^F is a fluorescence imaging system for automated processes and multi-dimensional fluorescence image handling. cell^F is flexible and it is easily adapted to suit your needs for acquisition, processing, visualisation and documentation of fluorescence images. The complexity of filtering in applications with multiple GFP variants can be overcome by using spectral unmixing algorithms to separate image information. cell^F coordinates the interaction between hard- and software. Predefined position masks can be used to image results in multiwell-plates. Automatic acquisition via computer and microscope control as well as manual acquisition of fluorescence images is supported. cell^F includes everything that cell^D offers and is upgradeable to all packages of the Olympus cell series. The functionality can be further enhanced by all available add-ons.

Key Features:-
  • Spectral unmixing
  • Enhanced filter methods
  • Multiwell-plate acquisition
  • Co-localisation analysis
  • MT10_D illumination system control
  • Workflow Assistant for Intuitive application control
  • Extension modules
  • Multiple Fluorescence Image Processing
  • Fluorescence Imaging Enhancement and Correction