Cell^D - Key Features

Life Science documentation software

cell^D is a comprehensive and reliable imaging and documentation system for life science microscopy. In conjunction with a digital camera and a microscope cell^D becomes the perfect system for microscope image acquisition, archiving and documentation in the biological field. Images of unlimited depth of focus can be generated using the extended focus function either manually or using a motorised focus drive. The cell^D software controls all necessary hardware, contains various enhanced image acquisition tools, standard image processing and measurement functions as well as a structured database and a comfortable tool for report generation.
cell^D is upgradeable to all packages of the Olympus cell* family. The functionality of cell^D can be enlarge by all available add-ons.

Key Features:-

  • Netcam functionality
  • Interactive measurements and filtering
  • Workflow Assistant for Intuitive application control
  • Extended Focal Imaging (EFI)
  • Fast image sequence
  • Extension modules