All-In-One Microscopes
The new all-in-one fluorescence microscope
With the FSX100 Olympus provides a compact, innovative plug-and-play solution for bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence imaging. The FSX100 unifies highest quality, state-of-the-art hardware and a smart and intuitive easy-to-use software, which guides the user to brilliant images.
The new all-in-one confocal laser scanning microscope
The unique FluoView FV10i is a fully automated confocal laser-scanning microscope. The completely re-engineered design of this microscope, integrated into a self-contained package with a variety of functions, enables even inexperienced and first-time users to perform easily and efficient high-quality confocal imaging. Olympus has made no compromises in ergonomics and image quality, using high-quality optical components and smart and easy software.