Confocal TIRFM System - Key Features


Ultra-sensitive fluorescence cell surface imaging

This laser based TIRFM (Total Internal Reflection Microscopy) illumination module for Olympus IX2 microscopes facilitates the observation of cellular structures down to single molecule fluorescence at surfaces and interfaces with unsurpassed Z-resolution. Special high numerical aperture TIRF objectives guarantee excellent performance in terms of brightness, contrast and resolution. The TIRFM illuminator allows simultaneous integration of  standard widefield fluorescence illumination




  • Penetration depth for a TIRFM evanescent wave is typically 50-100nm.
  • TIRFM is especially useful in studies of cellular membrane function and single molecule events without the interference of background fluorescence from other areas in the cell body.




Acquisition of high S/N images at 50-200nm depths from the specimen surface (surface observation only)

HERE    Allows observations from the surface to the intracellular structure

Capable of 3D observation for each Z-axis position


Acquisition of high S/N images with minimal influence from the background

Capable of composing 3D images from slice images

Imaging through CCD camera

Frame rate depends on camera performance

Point scanning

Detector incorporates photomultiplier

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