BX61WI - Key Features

Motorised fixed stage microscope BX61WI

Designed for Neroscience and Cell Biology Applications

Motorisation is essential for full process automation. The Olympus modular motorisation concept allows you to choose the automation level depending on your needs. Available are the BX61WI with integrated motorised high-precision Z-drive and programmable frame keys. Motorised modules for BX61WI and the manual BX51WI include fluorescence condenser with integrated shutter, filterwheels for illumination and observation light paths and stages. Everything controlled by a convenient hand switch or by our imaging software. Especially available for the BX61 is a remote focus control with programmable keys and switch off function of the internal Z-drive avoiding electronical noise in electrophysiological measurements.



  • 12V100W Halogen Illumination
  • Motorized Control of Focusing, Fluorescence Iluminator and Shutter
  • Eyepiece of 10x magnification, Field Number of 22mm
  • Specially designed vibration free microscope for applications such as Small Animal Experiment, Photoactivation, Microinjection, Confocal Microscope System and Observation of changes in Membrane
  • Observation Methods

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