FVMPE-RS - Key Features

High-Speed In-Vivo Scanning at 438 fps

  • A High-Speed Scanner Providing Unique 438 fps at 512 × 32 Scan Performance
  • A Proprietary Silver Coating Improves Excitation Efficiency by 50 %
  • A Cooled, High-Sensitivity GaAsP Detector Acquires High S/N Images 

Optimized for Deep Observation

  • Laser with Negative Chirp Improves Excitation Efficiency at the Focal Plane
  • Deep Focus Mode Elevates Light-Condensation Performance for Specimens with Heavy Scattering
  • Depth-Brightness Compensation Keeps Brightness Consistent from the Surface to Deep Levels
  • Optics with Outperforming New IR Coating for Applications from 400 nm to 1600 nm
  • Deep Observation of In Vivo and Fixed Transparent Specimens Through Dedicated Multiphoton Objectives with a Maximum Depth of 8 mm
  • Silicone Immersion Objectives for Live Imaging

High-Precision Dual-line Multiphoton Imaging

  • Multi-wavelength Excitation And Multiphoton Imaging with Precision Imaging Co-registration
  • InSight DeepSee And Combination with Other Lasers Supports Simultaneous Two Laser Line Excitation and Extended NIR Multiphoton Imaging
  • Autocorrect for Laser Beam Misalignment and Pixel Shift with Quadralign 4 Axis Auto Alignment

Streamlined Software for Multiphoton Imaging

  • Software Architecture Supports Massive Data Needs
  • Tiling Significantly Extends the Imaging Range
  • Software Sequencer Control Allows Complex Experimental Sequence with Precision Timing over Days 

Tools for Advanced Applications

  • Light-Stimulation SIM Scanner from the Visible to IR Range
  • Wide Choice of Scan Modes
  • Analog Unit Synchronizes Electro-Physiological Data and Laser Light Stimulation
  • 3D Multi Point Measurement Provide Rapid Intensity Measurement with High Signal to Noise
  • 3D Mapping Stimulation Creates Reaction Maps Based on Multiple Coordinates

Flexible and Innovative Configurations

  • Microscope Frame
    1. Upright Frame
    2. Gantry Frame
    3. Inverted Frame 
  • Laser Systems
    1. One Laser System
    2. Dual Lines System
    3. Twin Lasers System (with SIM Scanner) 
  • Light Guide Illumination
    1. Light Guide Illumination Source U-HGLGPS
  • Non-descanned Detectors
    1. Transmitted Non-Descanned Light Detector
    2. Multialkali PMT 2CH Detector
    3. Multialkali PMT 2CH + 2CH Detector
    4. Multialkali PMT 2CH + Cooled GaAsP PMT Detector