FV1200MPE - Key Features

High Resolution Deep Imaging Without Sample Damage

  • Microscope Frame:
    1. Upright
    2. Inverted
  • Laser and Scanner Systems:
    1. Brighter and Deeper Imaging with Less Damage
    2. Custom Light Adjustment for the Exiting Laser Beam
    3. Laser Beam Auto-adjust Capability
    4. New Mirror Design Improves Excitation Efficiency
  • Detection Systems:
    1. Sensitive Detection with Wide Field of View
    2. Sensitive GaAsP Detector for Upright Microscope
    3. Reflected Fluorescence Light Detector
    4. Transmitted Fluorescence Light Detector

Dedicated Objectives for Multiphoton Microscope

  • Corrected Light Diffraction Delivers Deep Imaging

Powerful Optimization for High-Speed Imaging

  • Simultaneous Systems:
    1. Simultaneous Multiphoton Imaging and Stimulation
    2. Multiphoton and Visible Light Stimulation
    3. Example of integrated DM for light stimulation
  • Versatile imaging and measurement:
    1. Wide Choice of Scan Modes, High Speed Optogenetics and Uncaging
    2. Synchronized Laser Stimulation and Patch Clamping
    3. Electrophysiology and Rapid Measurements
    4. Brightness Compensation in the Z Plane
    5. Arm Height Raising Kit for Small Animal Work
Multiple Options for system configuration
  • M System: Multiphoton Exclusive with M Scanner
  • B System: Multiphoton with Standard Scanner
  • S System: Multiphoton Laser Light Stimulation
  • T System: Multiphoton Imaging and Stimulation
  • Laser Sharing System
  • Visible Lasers for Standard Confocal Microscopy