IX3 - ICSI/IMSI - Key Features

ICSI - Solution to Infertility
  • By combining an Olympus IX73 inverted microscope system with micromanipulators, user has an excellent tool for IVF that offers both superior optical performance and an ideal working environment.

Light Management

  • Eliminating light intensity adjustments when switching objectives.
  • Long Life (Decreases lamp changes)
  • Less Heat (LED minimizes the effect of heat on the microscope and specimen)
Front Operation of Condenser Height
  • Possible to operate without worrying about manipulator.
  • Focus Stopper
  • Easily reproduce Koehler position.
Magnification Changer
  • Easy to change magnification without changing the objective (possible magnifications: 1x, 1.6x or 2x). 
Motorized Middle Long Working Distance Condenser
  • Supports brightfield, DIC, relief-contrast and polarizing observations
  • The condenser is useful for sperm selection and spindle observation of oocytes, and offers motorized adjustment for spindle observation with optimum contrast.
  • A long working distance and slim design makes injection easy.

Accurate Thermal Control

  • Ensures more accurate and stable thermal control of the specimen during observation under microscope.