BX51WI - Key Features

Fixed stage research microscope BX51WI

A dual commitment : Preventing vibration and protecting living cell specimens

One design theme was central to the development of the new fixed stage microscopes from Olympus — achieve an even higher standard of stability and reliability in electro-physiological applications. The result is a wide range of advanced new features to avoid and prevent vibration. These innovations include the introduction of a new observation method along with detailed analysis of operability and further refinements in image clarity. These improvements work together to make patch clamp operations smoother and more efficient than ever before. Combined with the traditional excellence of UIS optics, the new Olympus fixed stage microscopes define new levels of quality in both performance and ease of use.

  BX51W with Imaging Solution
    BX51WI with Luigs & Neumann Accessories



  • 12V100W Halogen Illumination
  • Nosepiece selection of slider, swing, swing slide or single nosepiece type
  • Focus movement via nosepiece moving on the Z-axis (Stage is fixed, not moveable)
  • Eyepiece of 10x magnification, Field Number of 22mm
  • Specially designed vibration free microscope for applications such as Small Animal Experiment, Photoactivation, Microinjection, Confocal Microscope System and Observation of changes in Membrane
  • Observation Methods

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