IX73 - Key Features

Expandable to Meet Growing Research Needs

  • With two deck options and additional modules for expanded functionality, perfectly suited for a changing research environment.

IX73: Two-deck System

The modular IX73 two-deck system can be combined with coded or motorized units for maximum expandability.

IX73: One-deck System

Reliable, Clear and Bright High-Resolution Images
  • Olympus UIS2 infinity-corrected optics ensure high optical transmittance with a broad range of objectives.
  • Feature wide chromatic correction and enable high resolution, high S/N primary images regardless of the observation method. 

Intuitive and Ergonomic Microscope Control

Switch Observation Methods with a Single Touch

  •  Available hand switch with the ability to program observation procedures and a range of other functions 

Stored Microscope Configurations (Olympus cellSens)

  • The system saves microscope configurations and incorporating a readout of motorized and coded unit position.
  • A wide range of settings can be recalled to recreate the desired imaging conditions

Smooth Tracking at High Magnification

  • Features a smooth positioning system which enables the easy tracking of cells at high magnifications.

Easily Achieve Koehler Illumination

  • Easily reset to Koehler Illumination using the conveniently-located condenser lock and control knobs.

Frame Construction Prevents Optical System Contamination

  • A catch tray under the nosepiece prevents damage to the microscope frequency caused by contamination through spilled liquids and simplifies maintenance.

Interchangeable Modules Provide Flexible Imaging Options

  • Available a wide range of units for the Olympus IX3 microscope system, bringing enhanced usability to everything from casual observation to high-end imaging.

Deck Units/High Speed Units

  • Motorized Fluorescence Mirror Turret (IX3-RFACA)
  • Manual Right Side Port with C-mount (IX3-RSPC)
  • Coded Intermediate Magnification Changer (IX3-CAS)
  • Motorized Fast Filter Wheels and Shutters

Fluorescence System

  • Application-Specific Fluorescence Illuminators
  • Long Life 130W Mercury Lamp (U-HGLGPS)
Motorized Units/Coded Units

  • Motorized fluorescent mirror turret
  • Encoded fluorescence mirror turret
  • Motorized 6-position nosepiece
  • Encoded 6-position nosepiece
  • Motorized long working distance universal condenser, filter wheels and shutters.