IX83 - Key Features

Expandable to Meet Growing Research Needs

  • Enable a multitude of imaging techniques, ranging from casual documentation to long term time-lapse imaging and other demanding techniques.
  • A variety of deck modules can be easily exchanged to add or remove functions as needed.
  • IX3-ZDC module can easily be added to any IX83 system to maintain continuous focus throughout an extended time-lapse experiment.

IX83: Two-deck System

  • Enables high-speed, fully automated device selection during live cell research and advanced image acquisition. The two-deck configuration provides excellent expandability.
IX83: One-deck System
  • An intelligent, motorized microscope featuring a large field number (FN22, left side port) and IX3-ZDC compatibility, thus creating a new standard for live cell imaging.
Reliable, Clear and Bright High-Resolution Images
  • Olympus UIS2 infinity-corrected optics ensure high optical transmittance with a broad range of objectives.
  • Feature wide chromatic correction and enable high resolution, high S/N primary images

Intuitive and Ergonomic Microscope Control

Smart Control

  • Switch Observation Methods with a Single Touch
  • ZDC One-Shot Function Quickly Detects Focus, Even during High-Magnification Observation
  • Intuitive Microscope and XY Stage Controllers
  • Stored Microscope Configurations (Olympus cellSens)

Operator-friendly Design

  • Reliable Tracking at High Magnification
  • Easily Achieve Koehler Illumination
  • Catch Tray Minimizes Optical System Contamination
Easily Capture Time Lapse Images
  • Offers enhanced rigidity that reduces the impact of vibration and temperature.
  • Maintains desired positions along the X, Y, and Z axes to allow reliable time-lapse imaging. 
  • IX3-ZDC combined with the Olympus ultrasonic stage (capable of multipoint imaging) enables the capture of high-precision, multipoint time-lapse images that are never out-of-focus or misaligned.
Imaging Accuracy
  • Z Drift Compensation System to detect the correct focus position (set by the user).
  • One-shot AF mode allows several focus positions to be set as desired, enabling efficient Z-stack acquisition in multi-position experiments.
  • Continuous AF mode keeps the desired plane of observation precisely in focus, avoiding focus drift due to temperature changes or the addition of reagents. This makes it ideal for sensitive applications such as TIRF.
Interchangeable Modules Provide Flexible Imaging Options
  • A wide range of units are available for the Olympus IX3 microscope system, bringing enhanced usability to everything from casual observation to high-end imaging.
  • The large open frame allows a motorized emission filter wheel to be fitted within the infinity space of the microscope. This eliminates image shift between channels and allows the eyepieces to see what the camera detects.

Deck Units

  • Motorized Fluorescence Mirror Turret (IX3-RFACA)
  • Motorized/Manual Right Side Port with C-mount (IX3-RSPCA/IX3-RSPC)
  • Coded Intermediate Magnification Changer (IX3-CAS)
  • Motorized Fast Filter Wheels and Shutters

Fluorescence System

  • Application-Specific Fluorescence Illuminators
  • Long Life 130W Mercury Lamp (U-HGLGPS)
  • Measuring Excitation Light Intensity for High Reproducibility in Imaging Adapter for Excitation Irradiance Meter/IX3-EXMAD*