BX53 P - Key Features

UIS2 Optics Provide Outstanding Expandability

  • Prevents the deterioration of optical microscope performance and eliminates magnification factors, even when analyzers, tint plates or compensators are introduced into the light path.
  • Maintaining the high level of system flexibility
  • Accepts intermediate attachments as well as cameras and imaging systems.

An Upgrade in Polarization Characteristics

  • Sophisticated design
  • High EF value filters in the polarizer and analyzer resulting in unmatched image contrast
  • The universal UPLFLN-P series objectives have been designed to accommodate a wide range of observation methods, including Nomarski DIC and fluorescence microscopy, in addition to polarized light observation. *The EF (extinction factor) is the brightness ratio between parallel and crossed pol-filters. The higher the EF value, the better the extinction.
An Extensive Range of Compensators
  • Six different compensators are available
  • Higher image contrast can be attained
Sharp Images in Orthoscopy and Conoscopy
  • With a U-CPA conoscopic observation attachment, changeover between orthoscopic and conoscopic observation is simple and quick.
  • Focusing of conoscopic images is easy and accurate by employing Bertrand field stop

Robust and Accurate rotating Stage

  • The rotating-centering mechanism attached to the rotary stage allows smooth rotation of a specimen.
  • A click-stop mechanism provided at each 45 degrees for precise measurement.