Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes
Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
Imaging of living tissues demands the highest levels of sensitivity which allows for reduced laser power, phototoxicity and photobleaching, and innovative approaches to measurement of fluorescent indicators. The new FV1200 offers increased scanhead light throughput, cooled high sensitivity detector technology, and capitalizes on the advantages of the recently introduced IX83 automated inverted microscope platform. Enhancements in detector and coating technology allow for up to five simultaneous fluorescent detection channels. The industry’s first dedicated laser light stimulation scanner (SIM Scanner) achieves simultaneous stimulation and imaging for real-time visualization of rapid cell responses. This coordination of laser stimulation and imaging makes the FV1200 an ideal choice for FRAP, FLIP and photoactivation.
Laser Scanning Multiphoton Microscope
The Olympus FV1200MPE multiphoton laser scanning microscope offers brighter and clearer imaging from deep within specimens. This is thanks to optimization of the optical design for efficient multiphoton excitation and signal detection. From imaging with dedicated Olympus multiphoton objectives, to robust laser stimulation in high speed electrophysiology, uncaging and optogenetics experiments, the FV1200MPE has been optimized for scientific discovery. By closely adhering to optical principles, the Olympus FV1200MPE opens up the field of discovery science with brighter and deeper high-resolution imaging.
Multimode Multiphoton Scanning Microscope
With the Olympus FVMPE-RS, countless possibilities for deep tissue observation are finally realized. The system delivers unmatched high-speed imaging, essential for capturing the dynamic in vivo response, with fine laser control pinpointing the precise site for optimum excitation efficiency - even deep within the sample. Accompanied by high S/N-ratio imaging and dedicated Olympus multiphoton objectives, efficient detection of scattered fluorescence photons is also ensured. Optimized for reaching greater imaging depths, the system also features simultaneous dual-wavelength excitation (up to 1300 nm). Visible or multiphoton laser light stimulation and the ability to synchronize with patch clamp data are also possible. In essence, the Olympus FLUOVIEW FVMPE-RS unites high-speed, deep observation capability with multicolor imaging and powerful laser light stimulation, offering a no compromise solution.
Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope
The DSU (Disk Scanning Unit) offers cost efficient semi-confocal image observation with a cooled CCD camera and an arc lamp illumination source. The DSU disk contains a pattern of slits that creates a virtual pinhole as the disk spins at 3000 rpm. It removes out of focus blur, thereby enhancing resolution. This yields clear, continuous, optically cross-sectioned images.