TIRFM Solutions
cell^tool TIRFM System
TIRF microscopy system based on the cell^M and cell^R imaging stations
cell^tool TIRFM System cell^tool TIRFM is based on a modular multi-port illuminator for up to three lasers and a MT10 or MT20 widefield fluorescence light source. This extension of the cell^M and cell^R imaging stations allows for laser based high resolution cell surface and membrane studies with the possibility of simultaneous widefield observation. The control of the TIRFM illuminator is integrated into the 'Experiment Manager' of cell^M and cell^R software.
Confocal TIRFM System
Ultra-sensitive fluorescence cell surface imaging
TIRFM - illumination module for IX2 microscopes This laser based TIRFM (Total Internal Reflection Microscopy) illumination module for Olympus IX2 microscopes facilitates the observation of cellular structures down to single molecule fluorescence at surfaces and interfaces with unsurpassed Z-resolution. Special high numerical aperture TIRF objectives guarantee excellent performance in terms of brightness, contrast and resolution.