preciseXcite LED - Key Features

PreciseXcite LED

Olympus is proud to offer the precisExcite® LED light source, the first commercially available light source offering the benefits of fully cooled light emitting diodes (LEDs) for fluorescence microscopy. This source represents the most current LED technology available. The light it provides is stable, completely controllable, and thermally cooled, making it ideal for such microscopy applications as live cell imaging, photobleaching, fast switching, multiple probe staining, and time-lapse imaging. Because there is no electromagnetic interference at the microscope, the system is also a good choice for electrophysiology experiments.

The precisExcite comes standard with a collimator for BX and IX microscopes. The unit can be configured with up to 4 wavelengths. Available peak wavelengths include: 400, 445, 465, 490, 505, 525, 565, 585, 595, and 635nm. 

Features and Benefits:

In contrast to traditional arc sources used for fluorescence microscopy, precisExcite offers the following:

  • Exceptional Stability - <1% variation over the life of the source
  • Cost savings with 3 years guaranteed (10,000 h) excitation – switch on and off as required with no reduction in lifetime, no warm-up or cool-down required. Save costs!
  • Simplified hardware set up – switch wavelengths with a simple push of a button.  No need for ND filters with dial control of intensity. No need for a shutter. No need for bulb alignment.
  • Simplified operation – no bulb safety or disposal issues, never have to replace a bulb again!
  • Protection of specimens from photobleaching and phototoxicity – Narrow spectral profiles at each wavelength prevent overexposure at undesired wavelengths. Reduce illumination precisely with control of intensity in 1% increments.