Upright Microscopes
Advance Clinical Microscope
The new BX43 upright microscope updates the BX41 with enhanced user operation and improved optical versatility. The new light intensity management system, binocular and trinocular observation tubes, and objective nose pieces continue the history of providing outstanding value in a clinical microscope.
Advance Ergonomic Microscope
The BX46 was engineered from the ground-up with ergonomic and economic concerns in mind from the lowest stage height and most adjustable observation tube on the market, to the standard Olympus color-balanced LED. The new tilting, telescoping and lifting observation tube ensures that every user can adjust the microscope to suit their individual needs. This ergonomic flexibility helps the operator maintain a comfortable posture, especially beneficial for prolonged observation periods.
Advance Research Microscope
The new BX53 provides advanced modularity to suit a variety of observation styles. The rigid, compact space-saving frame features forward-mounted, easy-to-operate controls for improved efficiency and greater operator comfort. With the new ECO sensor, it automatically turns off the transmitted light when the operator is not seated at the microscope. The BX53 offers an extended range of accessories and objectives to to satisfy today’s most discerning microscopists.
Biological microscope CX31
CX31 for teaching and routine applicationsThe CX31 is a fixed specification binocular microscope for teaching and routine applications. It offers a rigid and durable construction with high performance and long life time. The optics provide bright and even images and adapters allow mounting of Olympus digital cameras for easy and efficient digital imaging.
BX63 Motorized Microscope
The BX63 pursues comfortable operability and high reliability for leading research applications. It supports a full range of observation methods - brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, DIC, polarized light and fluorescence - with motorized operation that enables fully automated control and fluorescence imaging for life science and medical research applications.
Educational Microscope
Designed for operational ease, the CX23 microscope’s unique features accommodates the student and every requirement in the educational setting. This cost-effective system provides easy and safe operation throughout the workflow and ensures outstanding optical performance with large field number (FN) 20. Also, the built-in LED light source provides uniform and stable illumination for long term with low power consumption, and its reduced blue color preserves vivid colors of the sample
Fixed stage research microscope BX51WI
BX51WI fixed stage microscopeThe ideal upright microscope for physiological experiments such as patch clamping and intravital microscopy. Interchanging low/high magnifications without changing objectives coupled with a revolutionary concept in vibration-free design, the BX51WI offers the ultimate image clarity for electrophysiological experiments - a new concept in live cell observation.
Motorised fixed stage microscope BX61WI
BX61WI motorised fixed stage microscopeThe BX61WI is the fully motorised version of the BX51WI and is an ideal upright microscope for automated physiological experiments. The system is built to the same exacting frame and optical standards as the BX51WI and is motorised to enable fully automated operation.
BX53 P
Polarizing Microscope
The new polarizing microscope with superb performance in polarized light. It's a breakthrough combination of world-renowed UIS2 infinity-corrected optics. The new and extended line of compensators make BX53P versatile enough to handle observation and measuring applications in virtually any field.
Polarizing Microscope CX31-P
The CX31-P is a high-quality polarizing microscope that's ideal for training, with the wide-ranging functions and superior durability required in every field of research. Its excellent optical performance is matched with the versatility to meet the demands of many different kinds of applications, from double-refraction examination of the structure and characteristics of transparent specimens to complex analyses of rocks, fibers, macromolecules and new materials.
Routine microscope CX41
CX41 for routine applicationsThe cost-efficient CX41 is suitable for routine brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence applications. This best selling microscope sets the pace for its class in both basic and system performance and provides high image clarity in a variety of observation methods. The renowned UIS2 optics result in outstanding flat images.