Life Science Microscopes
Upright Microscopes
Choose from the widest range of upright microscopes with the highest quality optics. Add the best accessories to configure the right system to meet your needs.
Inverted Microscopes
Whether you need an inverted microscope for routine work or observing live cells using sophisticated fluorescence assays, you’ll find the right system to meet your needs.
Stereo Microscope
Olympus stereo microscopes are unequalled in image clarity and quality. Add the accessories and image processing software you need to configure your ideal system: from basic stereo observation to fluorescence imaging.
Macro Fluorescence Microscopes
The perfect microscope for fluorescence observation in intact organisms must combine maximum detection efficiency from lowest to highest magnifications with a high magnification zoom and high NA for the resolution of fine details within organs, tissues and even cells.
Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes
Do you use standard or highly sophisticated methods? Olympus Confocal Imaging systems provide the solution you need – with high flexibility and powerful software packages.
TIRFM Solutions
Olympus TIRFM Systems for ultra sensitive fluorescence microscopy at the cell surface, providing high contrast images with minimal background noise.
Live Cell Imaging Solutions
From high density tissues and organisms to subtle molecular observations in living cells, our cell* family imaging stations meet even the most demanding and varied application needs.
Virtual Microscopy Solutions
Virtual microscopy offers the full range of traditional microscope functionality and more. Also known as digital pathology or whole slide imaging, virtual microscopy converts a glass slide to digital in minutes.
All-In-One Microscopes
The new all-in-one microscopes from Olympus bring highly advanced microscopy to all levels of user via robust and intuitive system solutions. Users are carefully guided and samples are protected, ensuring the best possible imaging results each and every time.
Illumination Solutions
We are dedicated to provide the best combination of microscope components to support your work at all levels. We have therefore developed a comprehensive range of fluorescence illumination sources to make the most of any application, whatever the microscope.